Here is another great example of a situation we helped a Houston area homeowner with their property who needed to sell their house after a divorce.

The seller reached out to me about buying their Houston area house.

The reason they were looking to sell was because of a divorce.

This is a tough situation sometimes for multiple reasons. For one, there are the memories. Sometimes it can be a mixture of good and bad memories, and sometimes it is all bad memories. Most people do not get married with the intention of getting divorced, but it is something that does happen and has to be dealt with.

Another thing that can make divorce tough is the financial burden.

Usually, in a marriage, there are two incomes. But when the marriage ends up in divorce, it most often means that there is now only one income to maintain the household financial responsibilities.

In this case, it was a mixture of the memories and the financial burden.

When the seller initially reached out to me, I set an appointment to meet with them to find out what solutions we could offer them. In my initial research, I noticed that the property was listed with a real estate agent. The property was in a good area and was priced to sell, but had been on the market for a little while.

In my opinion, it should have sold already.

So, I went out to the house to do an assessment and see what we could do.

After a short 10-15 minute walk through and assessment, I was still not understanding why the property had not sold yet. Overall, the property was in pretty good condition. There were a few issues. The roof was 50/50, a/c needed attention, upgrade countertops, and new coat of paint.

However, the property should have still sold, or at least had offers.

After my walkthrough, we sat down and discussed what was going on with the house.  One of my main concerns was how the property was being marketed. Were they doing open houses, were they using social media, etc. I discovered that there was one open house done after the property was first listed.

There were a few showings after that, but no offers.

I asked if they were using social media to promote the property.

Not really.

I suggested to them that doing a slight price reduction and more marketing and a couple open houses and they should be able to sell pretty quickly, and most likely net more money than if they sold to me.

I saw a better solution for them.

I suggested that they try it and see how it worked and if it by chance did not work, they were more than welcome to call me back out there.

I felt it would have been better for them. But, they insisted on selling to me.

So, that is what we did. We worked out a solution that worked for all parties involved and closed on a time frame that worked for both sides as well.

If you need to sell your house before or after divorce in the Houston area that you would like me to evaluate, or a property that is on the market but not selling, reach out to me and let me know.

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